Stable Funding is Critical in Protecting the Child Care Sector from Collapse

How Head Start’s contract funding model can help

As the pandemic spread and families were forced to shelter-at-home, the child care sector collapsed. While temporary guaranteed public funding has stabilized some corners of the child care sector, a full return to the voucher-based funding model will likely force many additional providers to close their doors.

We already have enough experience and data to show that contract slots offer numerous benefits, especially to children:

The benefits of contract-based child care slots extend in other strategic ways:

As Allvin eloquently states, this moment in time is an opportunity to apply “the best of what we know about how young children thrive and learn, how families need stable child care to go to work, and how early childhood educators must be valued with far more than accolades and applause.”

For more information about how state child care administrators are using contracts and other kinds of subsidy innovation, please visit the National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability.



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